Everyday Payments
on the Blockchain

Super Fast, Decentralized, Low Fee, Private Cryptocurrency

Easy spending. Anywhere.

Use GIGA to make payments for anything, anywhere. Built on bitcoin blockchain technology, transactions are now faster, cheaper and safer with optional privacy.

The GIGA network is a fair launched Cryptocurrency powered by masternodes and stakeholders in a truly decentralized network, driven by the community.

Blockchain Powered

Masternode Focused

Fast, Private transactions

Decentralized Community

Cryptocurrency 3.0

GIGA is a form of digital money, based on blockchain technology. Transfers can be made online, faster than conventional currency all over the world with low transaction fees supported by privacy technology.

Secured Payment

Fully Secure

Internal Integration

One Click Application

External Integration

Payment Gateway

Coin Specs and Distribution



Total Supply


Masternode Collateral


Block Time

30 seconds

Reward Breakdown

80% Masternodes, 20% POS

Road Map

Q2 2018
  • Launch GIGA and begin marketing
  • Exchange listings
  • Release whitepaper
  • Paper wallet
Q3 2018
  • Develop eCommerce plugin for Wordpress/Shopify
  • Further exchanges
  • Develop team further
  • Web wallet
  • Whitepaper Beta update
Q4 2018
  • Community governance
  • Marketing campaign
  • Atomic swaps
  • Mobile apps
Q1 2019
  • Further exchanges
  • Brand partnerships
  • GIGA Crypto card
  • SegWit Integration
Q2 2019
  • Ledger/Trezor implementation

Buy Giga

You can currently buy and trade our token on CryptoBridge and Crex24 Exchanges.

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